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The Association
The Worldwide Sommelier Association (WSA) is an association of world sommeliers. Its goals are to promote wine and food culture by bringing together under one banner the most renown and acclaimed associations already established around the world. Many national organizations agreed on the good value of the project, while others already joined, including Germany, England, Japan, U.S. and the Caribbean thus contributing to establishing WSA.
Luxemburg, Norway and Sweden joined in right away, consecutively Brazil, San Marino, Denmark and Russia, while many others are soon to become members of WSA family.

As an association, the WSA provides support to the promotion of both great and humble wine and food treasures along with their territories, by means of in-depth training, supported by first class didactic aids. Fostering and organizing worldwide events also contribute to creating a cultural and market awareness to showcase the best of these unique products to the international marketplace. Not just wine, but also olive oil and other regional food products.

The highly experienced and renown tutors of Italian Sommelier Foundation are readily available to share their professional insight and experience with anyone who wishes to participate in the project.

In order to improve the overall training of professionals, several competitions will be planned on a year basis, including Best World Sommelier.
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