What we do
The Worldwide Sommelier Association (WSA) Education and Training
The Worldwide Sommelier Association’s principal goals are achieved through organizing exclusive international events to showcase the outstanding products of any country, namely wine, but also typical regional products, such as extra-virgin olive oil.

Our long-term experience has taught us that intrinsic quality professional communicated attracts an incredibile number of wine lovers. This simply illustrates that a professional, market savvy approach is necessary to appeal to sophisticated wine aficionados. The second main activity of the Worldwide Sommelier Association is its professional qualification courses.

Education and teaching aids provided are world renown and of the highest standard. Each year thousands of people become highly qualified experts, requiring top-class wine events accordingly. Hence, the diffusion of this training approach is vital towards the improvement of skills among the professionals. that’s why we made public its teaching methods and qualified trainers to offer the best in sommelier instruction available anywhere.

Our sponsored international competitions will serve to foster the careers of a new generation of promising sommeliers. Best World Sommelier will be elected each year.
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